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Your Journey

My 1:1 sessions combine the ancient wisdom of Shamanic energy medicine, sound therapy and NLP creating a unique and powerful healing journey of releasing, aligning and evolving.

The Process



“The natural healing force within each of us is the greatest force in getting well”



Life is like a treasure map which can lead us back to our aligned wholeness. If we allow ourselves to be curious and non-judgmental, we can begin to peel back the layers of life’s imprints, uncover our wounds and transform them into wisdom and growth.


Sound therapy and energy healing resets and stabilises our nervous system, the ordinary mind let’s go and the body deeply relaxes.


Shamanic sacred space allows us to align and familiarise ourselves with the natural state of homeostatic equilibrium and the body’s vital force on an energetic level, opening up the catalyst for restorative healing physically, emotionally and spiritually. 


Giving ourselves this opportunity to go deeply into our authentic stillness strengthens this sense of refuge within, which can then be accessed during our day to day lives, connecting us to the wisdom of our inner resources and innate healing mechanism.


"Healing is a matter of time, but it is also a matter of opportunity."


Perceptions are broadened, a deep sense of expansive clarity and light emerges, a larger map opens up, creating space for new opportunities and perspectives and a whole new way of being.


We begin to emerge and evolve equipped with valuable tools which will inevitably help us to navigate the dance of life, more aligned and finding context to nourish our unique soul qualities, our own true self and our soul’s purpose.

Conscious Awakening

Being consciously present and awakened, setting genuine intentions which are not solely based on self improvement , fixing ourselves or comparisons from the past, results in a much more creative, inspiring and life changing healing journey.


This is a process, not a quick fix.  We are not outsourcing but learning to trust in our own process, empowering our authentic selves along the way. 


Over time negative behaviour patterns, trapped emotions and heavy stuck energy can build up in our systems because of trauma, obstructing our natural state of being and causing disease on many levels.


By understanding and honouring the origins of these often unconscious, habitual coping mechanisms  (basically why we are the way we are) we can explore core wounds with a curious conscious awareness.


Giving ourselves the space to be with and witness any arising emotions in a sacred and safe place, especially on a somatic and energetic level can be hugely releasing and healing in itself. (It is a little like homeopathy: meeting, potentising and neutralising the emotions).


Using powerful modern and ancient techniques and armed with conscious awareness we can choose to compassionately release and disentangle ourselves from these restrictive and disempowering old stories, emotions and loops, opening up the freedom for new choices and possibilities.

The Setting

“And into the forest I go to lose my mind and find my soul” John Muir


Nestled down a long track surrounded by fields, ancient woodland and water, my studio is set in idyllic surroundings. It feels a world away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, but is just an hour from London.


This unique setting forms an integral therapeutic backdrop to your healing journey. Being in alignment with the Earth’s rhythms and seasonal cycles creates balance, stability and peace.


The natural environment is where we discover our own true nature, so processing and integration post sessions in the surrounding forest is recommended.


‘Nature itself is the best physician’ Hippocrates


Research has confirmed that nature has a profound healing and restorative effect on our whole being, with regular exposure to the elements improving mood, reducing the production of stress hormones, lowering blood pressure and boosting immunity.


The Sessions

emma esdaile healing sessions

One to ones:

Experience my bespoke healing sessions, tailor-made for individuals who are ready to embark on an empowering and transformational journey to optimal health and wellbeing.

emma esdaile healing sessions group

Group Events

I have had the honour of bringing Cacao and shamanic sound healing Ceremonies to many incredible retreats, ranging from yoga days, Equinox celebrations, foraging workshops, ‘Residential Resets’, private groups, corporate events and festivals.


Psychological findings state that the power of healing really can be amplified within a safe, loving community and through group connection, which I see confirmed each time.


When we come together and step back from the ordinary we deepen a connection with ourselves, others and the Earth.  A greater sense of  universal consciousness emerges, raising the vibration on a collective level and igniting a shift towards a whole new way of being.


I hold a woman’s healing circle every month, combining guided meditation and shamanic sound healing followed by seasonal herbal teas. Interweaving the rhythms of the Earth and Moon cycles within community restores balance and nourishes our whole system.

I host private groups in my studio for up to 6 people creating something that meets your specific needs. Integrating the powerful element of fire, Ceremonial Cacao and Shamanic sound healing, invokes a deeply nurturing and heart opening experience.

For enquiries and bookings please get in contact with me using the form below.

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