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My Techniques

I use a variety of techniques with my clients, read more below.


Shamanic Energy Medicine

The fundamental principles of The Shamanic Medicine Wheel have guided generations back to health and harmony across the world, re-establishing alignment with our natural flow to that of the Earth.


I have always loved this ancient wisdom and how profound it can be when applied to modern day struggles.


The western world has become a little obsessed with analysing what’s wrong or what needs to be got rid of.  The shaman focuses on what’s right and opens up a map of possibilities: a problem becomes an opportunity for growth rather than an obstacle. 

emma esdaile therapy session with burning feathers
shamanic energy medicene candles

There is no hierarchy: for me it is about passing on these ancient traditions and opening up people’s eyes to a whole other realm of being, expanding perceptions, connecting on an energetic level and getting a real sense of things.


Shamanic Energy medicine interweaves the spiritual world with nature, awakening a consciousness deep within where self realisation leads to healing and transformation: an apprenticeship to one’s own wisdom.


Sound Therapy

Tibetan singing bowls were used over 2000 years ago by Buddhist monks to enhance their meditation practice and promote healing.


By applying different sounds and vibrations to the mind and body it restores balance and inner peace.


Sound is vibration and it works on many different levels. On a superficial level we hear it

but it actually goes much deeper, resonating and penetrating at a cellular level.


I like to use the analogy of a pebble  being tossed into a lake:  It creates a disturbance and concentric ripples radiate out.  Because the human body is 60-70 % water,  the sound vibrations of the bowls have a uniquely harmonising effect physically, emotionally and spiritually.


There has, and continues to be, plenty of compelling research that supports sound healing as an effective way to treat many conditions such as anxiety, depression, PTSD and pain.


For me it has been a cheat, quick fast way to get out of my busy mind and drop down into an altered state of consciousness - similar to light hypnosis and deep meditation.

sound therapy vibrations
emma esdaile sound therapy session

Mental Health benefits:

  • Reduces stress

  • Brainwaves change: we leave our normal beta state and move into alpha and theta (a relaxed meditative consciousness), whilst simultaneously balancing the left and right hand side of the brain resulting in greater clarity, creativity and insights.

  • As our ears are connected to the Vegus Nerve our fight/flight (sympathetic nervous system) deactivates, stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system (our rest and digest state) allowing the body to naturally repair and heal.

Improved Physiological effects:

  • Lowers blood pressure

  • Improves sleep

  • Reduces physical pain



Neurolinguistic programming looks at the key components of how we use our mind, helping us to develop a greater self-awareness and emotional intelligence.


It helps to understand if we break it down into the 3 components:


Neuro: explores the inner workings of the brain and how our neurological processes underlie behaviour patterns.

Linguistic: analyses our use of language and how we communicate and the effect this has on the mind.

Programming: represents the ability to modify  patterns of behaviour and thought through practice and repetition to achieve desired outcomes.

NLP session seating

Identifying and understanding the root causes of limiting beliefs and behaviour patterns allows us to develop strategies for replacing them with more positive and empowering ones. 


Techniques such as reframing, visualization, and anchoring help to create new thought patterns and behaviours that support our goals and aspirations.


NLP amplifies our ability to self regulate by encouraging conscious decision making around managing our own internal state- equipping us with the capacity to be the best version of ourselves in any given situation.


Overall, this is a powerful tool for personal transformation helping people to overcome obstacles, develop their potential, and live more fulfilling lives. All you need is a willingness and a determination to change.


Cacao Ceremonies

What is cacao?

This superfood is gaining a lot of attention at the moment!


And rightly so- Having worked with this gentle and nurturing plant medicine for a number of years I have seen the deeply transformative effects it can have on people’s healing journey.

This ain’t no hot chocolate! I use pure, raw ceremonial grade Cacao sourced from

sustainable farmers in Guatemala using traditional means of preparation, ensuring no

nutrients are lost during the process. The seeds are planted and harvested in accordance

with astrological cycles and the Mayan calendars. They are then blessed by spiritual guides, charging them with the purpose of bringing healing and heart reconnection with Mother Earth. A far cry from the chocolate we know and love in the West!

cacao ceremonies emma esdaile

The History:

  • The origins of this sacred plant found in Central and South America can be traced back to the Olmec culture ca.1500B.

  • Its’ seeds were regarded as a gift from the God of Wisdom, Quetzalcoatl.

  • History reveals how cacao was used for spiritual and medicinal purposes in ceremonies and rituals.

Its Properties and Benefits:

  • High in Iron, Magnesium, and B-vitamins, Cacao also contains an ingredient called Theobromine, which has been shown to be mildly stimulating, increasing the flow of blood and oxygen to the brain- however it is not psychoactive!

  • Antioxidant and anti inflammatory properties, as well as a number of other nutrients, are also found in abundance in this sacred plant medicine.

  • Recent research has highlighted how it can boost our immune system, improve cognitive function, support the cardiovascular system, uplift mood and support the gut.

The Ceremony:

Served during ceremony, with a specific intention and combined with Shamanic sound healing, Cacao’s subtle yet profound healing properties are maximized.

Sacred space offers a safe holding where our ordinary, egoic mind quietens, allowing for deep connection and exploration into our inner realms of consciousness. This is a soul nourishing journey, where the invitation for presence, gratitude and an open mind are all that is required!

The Results:

Its rich and gentle energy can facilitate introspection, emotional release and meditative states. Experiences range from feelings of euphoria, subtle energetic transformations, profound insights and realisations or relaxation similar to hypnosis.


It meets you where you are at- working at your own pace and level, opening up the heart chakra and gently guiding you to listen to your inner spirit and wisdom. The qualities it possesses literally raise our vibration allowing light and energy to infuse our whole being.

**Please inform me prior to any Cacao ceremony if you have: high blood pressure, heart issues, are pregnant, prone to severe anxiety or are on antidepressants or any other medication.

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