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My Story

As both a client and student I have been called a critical sceptic - analysing everything, discarding the practices that didn’t resonate and utilising the techniques to navigate the trickier times in my life.


I was fortunate to be mentored and work with many incredible shamans, gurus and spiritual leaders from around the world, gaining invaluable insights, experiencing first hand what the right kind of healing and guidance can do for people.


The demands and pace of modern day life have increasingly lead us to outsource, searching for a quick cure, even within the realms of holistic healing.


Essentially this has disconnected us from our centres, leaving us disempowered, out of balance and continuously looking for something outside of ourselves.  What I noticed was all these ancient healing methods direct us right back to the very core of our being, awakening a conscious awareness around our innate wisdom and self healing.


And so, the journey into my work began.

emma esdaile foraging
emma esdaile healing one on one session

My Approach

Authenticity is the key to a balanced, healthy and happy life.


My work awakens a unique healing journey, reconnecting people to their true essence.


For me it is about holistic empowerment, allowing my clients to tune into their own wisdom, inner resources and trust in the process of self-realisation.


The  combination of shamanic energy medicine, sound therapy and NLP creates  an organic process of  releasing, aligning and evolving.


We have unique soul qualities, which if not recognised or connected with can negatively impact us.  We are often left feeling stuck in a loop as ultimately life will keep throwing more opportunities for us to connect to these qualities.

“Pain is the great teacher of mankind. Beneath its breath souls develop”

Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach

How I work

I work within a subtle, pure and authentic realm.


Extensive training has meant I have adapted methods to my own authenticity through experience and intuition.


There is a fineness and simplicity to the work that I do, yet there is also a depth -getting back to the root, to the real essence and nature of things- without all the wacky ‘healer’ paraphernalia that can leave one feeling like a passive observer during sessions.


I am a sacred space holder not a manipulator, knowing when to back off so as not to interfere with an individual’s process.


My intentions are to pass on the tools, the ancient wisdom and sense of empowerment for others to adopt, cultivate and trust.

emma esdaile meditating under tree

My Qualifications

  • Homeopathy (Regents College 2014-2016)

  • Alchemic Healing Arts Academy (Helen Johnson 2016-2018) An integrative course for healing body and mind, using a nutritional/naturopathic and intuitive approach.

  • Chakra Remedy Course: (Helen Johnson 2018) Methods for balancing and healing these energy centres.

  • Shamanic Energy Medicine Practitioner (The Four Winds, Alberto Villoldo 2018-2019)

  • Dr Demeri’s Holistic Hormones course: understanding and balancing this unique system of our body.

  • Sound Healing Practitioner (Thyme with Charlie 2019 – 2021) A comprehensive training in sound healing for both groups and 1:1’s using Tibetan singing bowls)

  • Compassionate Inquiry: Gabor Mate’s unique self study approach for healing trauma, understanding mental and physical illness. (2020 – ongoing)

  • NLP coaching: Phil Parker and Centre of Excellence 2021

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