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women healing with golden bowl on mat

Emma Esdaile

As a child, trips to the homeopath and various healers were commonplace.


My eyes were opened to another approach to health and wellbeing with my love of nature inevitably drawing me into the world of natural healing.


Curiosity and hunger to gather wisdom has led me on an eternal studying journey and for the last 20 years I have tried and tested many different modern and ancient forms of therapy.

Along this path, I have immersed myself in various therapies that have helped me. Studying and training, reading and digesting, practising and applying the resources gathered to everyday life…from homeopathy to reiki, sound therapy to energy work, chakra healing to NLP. I have lived, breathed and slept all these.

Release - Align - Evolve

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Combining the ancient wisdom of Shamanic energy medicine, with sound therapy and NLP creating a unique and powerful healing journey.

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Reconnecting people to their authentic essence so they can dance to the rhythm of life with grace and ease.
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The Process

Release, align and evolve through 1:1 sessions combining unique techniques.

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The Setting

Set in idyllic surroundings, it feels a world away from everyday life.

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The Sessions

Experience tailor-made sessions for individuals ready to start their journey.

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